Large Metal LED Letter Lights

£24.99 £19.99

Product Code: 23276
Large Metal LED Letter Lights
Large Metal LED Letter Lights

Large Metal LED Letter Lights

by Love Unique Boutique

£24.99 £19.99

Product Code: 23276

If your chosen letter(s) are not in stock, & you have ordered on back order please allow another 5 – 7 working days for your order.


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Large Metal LED Letter Lights

We are so obsessed with our brand new Large Metal LED Letter Lights.

  • A seriously stylish range of LED light up letters and symbols
  • .
  • Each letter has a strong industrial metal outer and is lined with LED lights.
  • Every letter features a watercolour effect dotted or striped background in pastel shades. (design is dependent on letter choice)

Further more each letter has a hole in the back to allow the light to be hung up, but can also stand around the home and the office.

Please note: The colour/brightness of the bulbs may differ.

because each one has a battery pack and on/off switch, they are deal for placing where ever you wish! No plugs needed.

  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries (not included).
  • Dimensions

  • All letters have a height of 29.5cm and a depth of 5cm
  • A – width 30cm
    B – width 21.5cm
    C – width 21.5cm
    D – width 24cm
    E – width 20.5cm
    F – width 20.5cm
    G – width 23cm
    H – width 25.5cm
    I – width 11.5cm
    J – width 20cm
    K – width 25cm
    L – width 22cm
    M – width 30.5 cm
    N – width 23.5cm
    O – width 25cm
    P – width 22cm
    Q – width 25cm
    R – width 22.5cm
    S – width 21cm
    T – width 23.5cm
    U – width 25cm
    V – width 30cm
    W – width 39.5cm
    X – width 23.5cm
    Y – width 25cm
    Z – width 20.5cm
    & – width 36cm

Love Unique Tip: These are truely stunning and look great as part of our pastel range


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